Address: Frank P. Hess &  Co., Inc.

51 South 14th Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Phone Number: (412) 431-1112

Free parking is available on the street.

We are located in the Birmingham Building, 100 yards off of Carson Street, in the Historic South Side of Pittsburgh.
Originally, the building was built to support the fire house, which is adjacent. It was the barn for the horses which pulled
the fire engine.

Barn Door 2 Frank P. Hess and Co Pittsburgh Accountants, Accounting Practice

Historic Hay Loft Barn Doors, from Original Firehouse

Looking at the second floor from the outside, you will see the double barn door used to store hay for the horses. The building has been maintained with many of the original designs of the late 1800’s.

Frank P. Hess Accounting Firm South Side, Pittsburgh off of Carson Street

Bustling and Historic Carson Street

The South Side is a desirable city neighborhood, and is known for it’s restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, and unique shops that line nearby Carson Street. The entire length of East Carson Street is designated as a historic district and is one of the largest Victorian main streets in the United States.